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Nationwide, Everyone is saying that
Mia Bella Gourmet Candles are
The BEST smelling candles ever made!

"When I received my first order from Scent-Sations, I got really excited because I could smell the candles even before I opened the box. I sat my candle on the table for a few days and thoroughly enjoyed the scent even before I burned the candle.

When I finally lit the candle, I was amazed at the wonderful soft aroma and the way the candle burned so even! I couldn't wait to see how they cleaned up with soap and water, so I dipped some wax on the kitchen counter and was amazed at how easy it washed off. I kept the wicks trimmed and when that jar was burned to bottom, I couldn't believe I was still enjoying that wonderful aroma and that the jar was not black.

I removed the wax from the jar, took out the remainder of the wick and put the wax in a simmer pot to continue enjoying the wonderful aroma. ( Nothing gets thrown away. I even clean out the jars and take them to the local thrift store.) Not to mention the fact that I could burn these candles without getting headaches, as I have environmental allergies. I love candles, but was never able to really enjoy them until the Mia Bella. Needless to say, I was hooked.

I've been trying other "soy" and other alternative candles since the Mia Bella. The results are not the same. Most of the votives I've purchased start to crumble before I even get them home. The fragrance doesn't last to the end of the candle. And the aromas are not as soft and enjoyable as the Mia Bella candle.

I'm convinced that there is no equal to the Mia Bella on the market today--not just because I'm a distributor, but because I've done a lot of research and testing of other products and know this from first-hand experience."
-Julie Slezak, MD

"I found Mia Bella Candles at a craft show. I would go to this show every year to purchase holiday items from a particular crafter. Unfortunately, the crafter was not at the show this year.

My husband suggested that we at least buy some candles while we were here but I told him I had just purchased over $300 worth of candles at a home party.

He handed me a Mia Bella candle and said yeah, but smell this candle! Once I started smelling the candles, I couldn't stop! I had to buy them."
-Kim Carver, NY

"This is the best candle I have ever tried and trust me I have tried them all. But that is the past I am hooked and will never even look at any other candle except to smile and say to myself "those are just scented imitations."

Thanks for making such a wonderful product!
-Vikki Insinga, NC

"I was selling for a Direct Sales (Home Party) Business when I first heard of Mia Bella Gourmet candles. I was at a Spring Fair and had my own booth. I also sold candles with my decorating line when I came across another booth where they were selling Mia Bella candles. At the time, I didn't understand the concept of a cleaner burning candle, or maybe I didn't want to because I was selling for three other companies with my business and I felt that my candles were great quality.

Well, six months later, after I did a Home Party, the Hostesses daughter gave me a tri-fold and a choice between several votives. I chose the snickerdoodle and she instructed me to go to the website and try for the drawing.

I went on to the site, while burning the candle all weekend, and read all the information about the candle. I thought the candles I sold were alright because they had lead free wicks. I thought that having the black soot on the jar was "normal". After reading the information and smelling that wonderful Snickerdoodle votive, I was hooked . I talked to my family and my husband told me to follow my instincts and that is just what I did. I signed on immediately and never looked back!

Now I am selling Mia Bella products by personal orders and I have been successfully running my own party business. It has been a very positive experience for me . In the eighteen months that I sold for the other company, not once did I ever have a customer call me to reorder the candle they bought before. Now I'm getting phone and email orders . I did several Holiday Fairs last year and I've been calling all the customers who bought a Mia Bella candle and not one said no to buying another one. In fact, most of them are ordering two or more for their friends and family! It has been such a positive impact in my life!"
-Debbie Winward, ID

"I found I was going to be in the Wilkes-Barre PA area on a business trip so I called and Bobby met me at the warehouse on a Saturday so I could see and smell. I signed up for the candle of the month club right then and there and bought 2 cases to be shipped home. I had the hardest time selecting just 2 cases!

I did not tell my husband we were in the candle business until I returned home. He has horrible allergies so I have not been able to burn many scented candles with out him sneezing like a mad man . Thankfully he is able to enjoy MIA BELLA candles with me without his allergies kicking up."
-Diane Anderson, TX

"How do I know this is the best smelling candle in the world? I used to sell the other Home Party candle which I was convinced was the best until my Brother-in-law introduced me to the Mia Bella. One Sugar Cookie votive changed my mind. It was burning on my kitchen counter and I could smell it down the basement and throughout the first floor.

One of my favorite stories I tell is about an experience I had over at my Brothers house. As I approached the door and rang the bell, I was trying to identify the nice smell that was wafting through air. When my Sister-in-law answered the door, I realized that they were burning a Cranberry Jar in the dining room, which I might add was no where near the door. That ONE Jar completely fragranced the whole house and the scent was leaking OUTSIDE!!"
-Cindy Kalandek, MI

"I lit my first Mia Bella candle, placed it on my fireplace and turned some music on and was running around the house doing some housework. Twenty minutes later, the entire house was filled with an aroma! It smelled clean, it smelled good enough to eat. So I decided to lay on the couch and relax and smell the aroma. It felt like I was at the spa, minus the massage. I got so excited that I had to share it with my friends. So, I decided to give everyone a free candle as a christmas gift. I didn't put any brochures or anything in the bags. I wanted to hear what everyone else had to say. I got nothing but fantastic comments back."
-Sossy Hyatt, CA

"I have purchased hundreds of candles in my lifetime, always searching for the perfect scent, longest burning and prettiest color . I have recently moved to a small beach community, so I find myself driving into the nearest town for everything, even a mailing depot so I can mail packages to my daughters regularly.

Just before Christmas I was at this depot and when I walked in the most wonderful scent filled my senses! It smelled like a pie was baking in the oven! It was very busy inside, as you can imagine, and yet everyone seemed in a great mood as they waited their turn. When it was my turn I had to ask about the candle being burned and the owner pointed to a small table filled with jars and votives-all wrapped in netting and ribbon. The Mia Bella Distributor, Trisha Perkey, had set this up at the store's request and I bought 2 jars immediately. When I returned a few days later-they were gone! I had to know how to get more and asked the owner. She was nice enough to give me Trisha's card, I called her and here I am!

I have to tell you, my husband has always tolerated my candle obsession but this is the only brand of candles where I have come home after he has arrived and he has already lit them! He is so excited for me as I begin my journey and my house is filled with the wonderful warm scents to greet everyone who comes in. So far, they haven't left without a candle or without ordering a number of them! I finally found the perfect candle!"
-Pam Welling, CA

"After getting into the candle making business with a girlfriend and fellow co-worker and being burned out after about 3 months, I thought I had sworn off of candles for good. But, my best friend and future husband, was surfing the net one night and put in the search bar "Scented Candles" and low and behold up came Scent-Sations or MiaBella and the next day he called me up and said you need to look at this website.

I took a look and the rest is history, sort of...I called up the company and talked to Bob Scocozzo and he said "Why don't you order a sample case and see for yourself how these candles burn and smell." I had the shipment sent to my office and after just 2 days, I had all the candles sold. As they were burned by several of my co-workers and myself, I realized that these candles were the best burning and best performing candle I've ever tried!"
-Dianna Guillory, LA

"My name is Susan Yeoman and I am a distributor in Rockville Centre, NY. A few years ago a co-worker gave me a bunch of "big name, national best-selling paraffin" candles as part of a holiday gift. Although she chose scents that would normally be to my liking, I found them too fake and perfume-like and way too strong. I am very sensitive to perfumes, and I have respiratory issues relating to scents and extreme cold.

You can imagine how thrilled I was when I was introduced to Mia Bella! Not only are they healthy for the environment and smell wonderful, but they don't bother my lungs at all! I then proceeded to (yes I really did this) throw out all my other candles, and now I am so spoiled and will only burn Mia Bella!

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist so naturally I am concerned about what I burn during my treatments; well, needless to say my patients are thrilled and so am I!

Mia Bella Candles are GREAT for people with respiratory issues such as asthma and allergies/sensitivities and also for people who have kids or other family members with these issues . They can now burn scented candles in their homes with no worries!"
-Susan Yeoman, NY

Yesterday I threw out all my other scented candles. I had a massive collection of them from many manufacturers. I now feel that the only candles worth burning are Mia Bella Gourmet Candles."
-Sandra Pennell, CT

"I found the Mia Bella Candles at work one night. A distributor had them sitting in the break room. You walked into the break room and you could smell something really good. So, I checked it out.

The 1st thing that sold me was the jar sitting there with black soot all over it and it hadn't burned evenly. The Mia Bella jar was next to it, no soot and had burned evenly! How disgusting that other candle jar was and imagine what my walls, TV, picture frames, curtains and other items in my house would look like. I was hooked.

The 2nd thing that sold me, was the smell. You don't even have to burn it to get the scent. I have set a few out in a room and it smells so good! My husband actually takes what is left over in the jar, puts it in a baggie and has it for an air freshner in is work truck. He has got some of the guys hooked at work now.

The 3rd thing that sold me, was that they clean up with soap and water! How many times have I spilt a candle and had such a mess? Not any more!! Soap and water, that's all it takes to clean it up.

I have burned so many different candles throughout my life, even the soy ones and nothing compares to Mia Bella Candles! From the time you light the candle to the end of burning the candle, you have a wonderful scent. It doesn't go away! It burns clean and all the way to the end!!

I have been so delighted that my husband can tolerate these candles. The other candles I had burned, he would stuff up and sneeze, but not with Mia Bella Candles!! Now, we both can enjoy them as well as anyone coming into our home. Thank you to the wonderful team at Scent-Sations for making this all possible!!"
-Georgia Meske, WI

"I was introduced to these candles by a friend. Last year I had told him that I thought that scented candles and scented body washes would be a great product to market, if we could find the right product. It blew my mind when he called to say that he found a company that manufactured some of the best smelling scented candles he's ever had the pleasure of burning. I didn't jump on the opportunity at first but, about 2 months after he told me about these candles, I decided to try them.

These are the very best candles that I've had the pleasure of burning. I immediately signed on as a distributor, and just conducted my first presentation for a fund raiser at my kids high school.

Their R.O.T.C. program instructor is all for the concept of scented candles as a different approach to fundraisers. I've provided him with samples and he is now awaiting the approval from the school board to go ahead with this. I just got a call from the program instructor who told me that some of the children told their parents about the new candles and they were already getting orders from friends and family even before we had official approval for the fundraiser!"
-James C. Baker, NC

"The candle was the first thing that caught my attention. What an incredible true smelling candle!!! Then to find out the health benefits and the business itself, it was a wonderful package all rolled into one. I have worked in many other companies and have never felt this great about a product and the people that stand behind it!! To this day (which is a year and a half later) I haven't been able to find a better smelling candle!
-Shelly Edwards, MO

"Mia Bella Candles are the best smelling candles that I have ever smelled. I have burned lots of different candles but Mia Bella candles are the best I have ever smelled and burned. They are so strong, good smelling, and you only need to burn one jar and the aroma fills your home.

These candles are the best performing candles in the world because they burn evenly with very little residue left in the jar. When burning, the wax forms a liquid on top and if it is spilled, you can wipe it up with a damp, soapy cloth. They are healthy candles because they have very little soot, clean burning, non-toxic, no chemicals, and lead free."
-Lucille Boling, MS

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